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SLK 55 (SLR Engine) vs Ferrari Enzo

Check out this sick race from 50mph rolling start… both cars owned by ben sulayem… The SLK with the SLR engine is no joke!
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Geneva Motor Show 2006
This year´s Geneva Motor Show focuses more on the smaller car brands than on the big ones in the scene. Brands that were already forgotten reappear and well known ones make their possible not to be forgotten. Many new models by Lamborghini, Saab, Porsche and tramontana makes this a very interesting show. Besides a live gallery there are also a lot of background infos and high resolution images.

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Essen Motor Show 2005

The Essen Motor Show will accelerate up to full speed when, from November 25 to December 4, approximately 570 exhibitors will display their international range on offer when the whole world for everything to do with sporty and individual vehicles will once again fascinate over 400,000 expected visitors to Messe Essen.

With the proven concept of the four exhibition sections (i.e. "Automobiles", "Tuning", "Oldtimers & Classics" and "Show Center"), the Essen Motor Show will continue its story of unchecked success since 1968. Here, car enthusiasts will be able to dip into the world of motor sport and to meet racing celebrities from DTM to Formula 1 with their cars.

IAA 2005 motorshow special
A glittering display of innovations will emphasize the importance of the 61st International Motor Show (IAA) Cars as the world’s leading automotive trade fair. The vehicle manufacturers alone will present 122 new developments, 80 of them world premieres. The new vehicles will include the Audi Q7, the BMW 3 Series Touring, the Fiat Grande Punto, the Honda Civic, the Mercedes S Class, the Opel Astra TwinTop, the Peugeot 407 Coupé, the Porsche Cayman S, the Renault Clio, the Volvo C70 convertible and the VW Passat Variant. And just the German producers will display a total of 77 new developments. The suppliers’ driving force behind innovation will be showcased by another 107 new developments. We present you an overview of the interesting cars of the Frankfurt motorshow

Maybach Exelero
Showcar reaches 218.38 mph in Nardo

Hamann Gallardo
Lamborghini is not enough? Hamann has accepted the challenge...

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