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The RS6 Avant is powered by the strongest turbocharged V8 engine Audi has ever build. For those people, who want it to go even faster (just in case you don┬┤t know the standard facts: the RS6 has 450bhp and 560nmtorque), there might be a solution called MTM Audi RS6 with 536bhp. This Audi Tuner has an option list for the crazy customers, who aim to be serious challenger or even "killers" for those Porsche and Ferrari drivers. So the first stage of the MTM power stakes is a revised engine management system adding extra 50bhp bringing the family limousine to 500bhp. The second stage liberates an extra 12bhp, which is enabled by a new exhaust pipe. 12bhp aren┬┤t really impressive, but the clever construction of butterfly valves within the pipes that opens up once boost goes over 0.8 bar, discharges an incredible sound which is massively addictive. The final stage of engine tuning involves exchanging the exhaust manifolds and cats, which brings the MTM Audi RS6 up to 536bhp. And the happy ending is a truely supercar with this amazing specification (link to factsheet), which is assimilable with a "stealth bomber", eliminating Porsches and Ferraris.

We had the big oppotunity to test the MTM RS6 factory prototype on German "Landstrasse", which means maximum driving.


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