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» Mondial de l’Automobile

We present you an overview of the interesting cars of the paris motorshow

Peugeot » 907
With this new concept car Peugoet enters the market of supercars. The most interesting part of the car is the patent 12 cylinder engine.
Peugeot » Quark
Powered by one hydrogen engine for each of the four wheels this one will be the top model in the quad-market.
Audi » S4
After the new facelift, the frontview of the new S4 is now similar to current Audi models like the A6 or the A8 W12. But no changes have been made under the hood, it's still the same V8 engine with 344 bhp.
Porsche » Boxster
The new boxster is only 20 kilogramm heavier then the old one - but he gots a much better interior. Some exterior parts really look alike the porsche supercars Carrera GT.
Porsche » Boxster S
The new Boxster S got 20 bhp more then the parent. But it will be the most powerful engine in the Boxster, the over 300 bhp class is still reserved for the new Carrera.
Ferrari » F430
Also Ferrari let their "entry-car" look alike their supercar. So the new Ferrari F430 looks alike the Ferrari Enzo Ferrari.
Volkswagen » Golf GTI DSG
With the new Golf GTI on the Golf V base volkswagen unveils a all new Golf GTI with the interesting DSG Gearbox.
Volvo » XC90 V8
The new top modell of Volvo's XC90 series got now an V8 engine. Primarily in the us market the new V8 should be more successfull then the old V6 biturbo.
BMW » 120d
The first BMW in the golf-class - the first BMW with diesel powered top model. Will BMW be successfull with this new car?
In the last few weeks, BMW broke many records with their hydrogen concept car. They want to catch eyes on their hydrogen-combustion engine which will get into the current BMW 7-series.
Mercedes-Benz » CLK designo by Giorgio Armani
Only 100 exclusive Mercedes clients will get one of these special CLK's. Nothing technical changed, it's still a CLK 500. But many interesting new paints and interior materials are on the list.
Opel » Astra GTC Panorama
The new GTC Panorma should give a cockpitview like a glider while driving. The glass is a exclusive development for the GTC Panorama, so the Safety is safed!
Opel » Astra High Performance Concept
With the Opel Astra High Performance Opel gives a forecast, what's possible with their new 2.0 liter 4 cyliner turbo engine.


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