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- The Quark in our car database

The Quark is a two-seater, four-wheel drive vehicle that uses the integral working parts to also provide the visual appeal of the vehicle. Each component is stylized to highlight its specific function.

The same applies to all parts in contact with the occupants, for example the passenger grab handles, the footboards and the body, which becomes almost an extension of the driver. The Quark chassis is the result of cooperation between stylists and engineers, which, ensures a perfect blend of aesthetic and technical prowess.

Although there is minimal bodywork, the body reveals at a glance that the Quark is a Peugeot vehicle. From the design of the dual LED headlamps and its Lion badge, to the assertive but welcoming front grille, the overall impression is that of a futuristic, but also a realistic vehicle.

As on the 307 CC, the rear lights are also equipped with light emitting diodes (LEDs). The front bodywork serves as a windshield to protect the passengers, who also have dedicated storage spaces at their disposal.

At the front and at the rear, protective panels similar to the lower front panel supports the number plates, while at the rear, the hydrogen tank is painted red to symbolise its contents.

An electric motor drives each of the four wheels, themselves connected to the chassis by means of triangular wishbones. The 17'' diameter wheels create a real sense of latent power, and emphasize the rotation of the wheel. They are fitted with Michelin tyres with a purposely-round cross-section and an original; “shell-like” tread profile to assist in the removal of water.

The Quark combines pure materials such as aluminium and carbon fibre. The bucket seat has a non-slip covering to ensure good lateral support for passengers.

To use the Quark, the driver relies on a removable interactive interface, which serves the same purpose as an ignition key and is used in conjunction with an instrument panel. Positioned in its housing, it provides information concerning the traction system and the fuel cell, vehicle speed, satellite navigation, etc… Protected by a small transparent and waterproof cover, it allows the vehicle to be started when in place and immobilises it after removal by the driver, as in the case of an ignition key.

The Quark, is a symbol of freedom, it is a fun-loving and futuristic vehicle that is credible, too, on account of its technological content.


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