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New Chrysler 300C Touring Concept To Be Unveiled at 2003 IAA
  • Noble and expressive American design with elegant interior appointments, draws from Chrysler 300C Sedan design cues .
  • A new alternative for the Chrysler brand in important European E segment wagon class.
  • New HEMI® V-8 engine offers legendary horsepower, torque and competitive fuel consumption in its class.
Chrysler Group will provide further evidence of its rapid-fire new product offensive in Europe and other international markets when it reveals the new Chrysler 300C Touring Concept at the 60th International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt on Tuesday, September 9.

The new Chrysler 300C Touring concept is the wagon version of the Chrysler 300C sedan concept, which was revealed earlier this year at the New York International Auto Show. The Chrysler 300C sedan concept will make its European show debut alongside the new Touring version at the IAA.

The Touring concept expands the Chrysler 300C model range and shares most of the design, powertrain, chassis, equipment, interior appointments and technical specifications of the sedan concept. Adding all-wheel drive, a high level of versatility and roomy comfort for driver and passengers - matched with the ride and handling of a European sports sedan - the new Touring will enable the Chrysler brand to compete in the European E segment where around 40 per cent of sales are wagon derivatives.

A production version of the Chrysler 300C Touring concept will be available exclusively outside of North America late next year, further solidifying the Chrysler brand’s premium position in the market.

With an entirely new shape based on the company’s all-new rear-drive architecture, the striking concept sedan - and now the wagon - continue the Chrysler brand’s proud "letter series" tradition, but in a thoroughly modern way.

These two Chrysler 300C concepts also mark the return of the HEMI® engine to the Chrysler brand after more than 30 years. The legendary engine design that powered Chrysler’s "letter series" cars in the 1950s has been re-engineered and reborn as a modern, high-performance and durable powerplant known as the all-new 5.7-litre HEMI V-8.

The HEMI fitted to the 300C vehicles is very fuel competitive in its class and produces more power and torque than any Chrysler brand passenger car engine since the 426 HEMI of the ‘60s and ‘70s


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